Schedule/Assignment Page for IST 129 - Fall 2001


 Date   Week  Topics                      Assignment Due


25 Aug    1   Textpad, HTML Intro         none

01 Sep    2   More Tags                   Web Site Review

08 Sep    3   Fonts, Lists, more tags     Web Site Review

15 Sep    4   Netscape Composer           none

22 Sep    5   Images, Tables              Shelley, project 1

29 Sep    6   Tables                      Cram and Hirschl - WS A
                                          Read Shelley project 2

06 Oct    7   Your GCC Webpage            Read Shelley project 3

13 Oct    8   Frames                      Set up your GCC Website!

20 Oct    9   Frames,                     Tags and Tables Review - Design Project
              "Behind the scenes HTML"

27 Oct   10   Review Tags/Tables Proj.,   Start thinking about your final design project...

03 Nov   11   Final Project Review,       Fun with Frames and Forms - Design Project
              Image Maps, Multimedia      Turn in Prosposal for Final Design Project

10 Nov   12   In-class project work       Work on your final design project...

17 Nov   13   Review Frames/Form Proj.    Design Project (initial)
              In-class project work


01 Dec   14   Cascading Style Sheets,     Student Critiques
              In-class project work

08 Dec   15   In-class project work       Handout reviews of your site.

15 Dec   16   Cascading Style Sheets,     Design Project (final)
              Optional Site Reviews       All extra-credit assignments due!

Extra Credit Assignments (exact value to be determined after all grades are in)

If you complete any of these extra credit assignments, please post these to your website with a link from the main page, so that I may grade them. No extra credit assignments will be accepted via e-mail.

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