Assignment 6 - Tags and Tables Design Project - Due Oct. 20
(150 points)

A simple task...Duplicate this file in every detail. Links should function properly, all information should be formatted exactly the same, images, backgrounds, etc. should all be duplicated exactly as shown on the referenced page. When you have completed the assignment, post it to your website and update your index.html file with a link to the project. I will grade the project through the link on your website. Do not turn the assignment in via e-mail (if you have serious problems and must send the assignment via e-mail, I will still accept it, but will reduce your final score by 10%). I'll be looking over your source code when I grade the project, so try not to be too sloppy! Good luck!

For best results, use Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later to view the page.

LATE PENALTY: 10 pts/day. Note that the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY I will accept this project is 10/27, prior to class. We will review this assignment in class on 10/27 and no projects may be turned in after that. If you complete your project after the initial due date, please e-mail to let me know that your project is available for grading.

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