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  Welcome to Dan Austin's Homepage!

Abandon hope!   ABANDON ALL HOPE (for a serious web page), YE WHO ENTER HERE!"   Abandon hope!

Click below to learn more about this crazy guy the world calls "Dan Austin"

Next Item Wanna trade? Check out my Sportscards and Comic Books wantlist!

Next Item I love to collect baseball cards. Check out Vintage Card Traders - an online card trading group I founded in 1999!

Next Item Why spend all your money on vintage sports cards when you can surf online to The Virtual Card Collection!

Next Item If you like vintage OPC Baseball cards, check out O-Pee-Chee Central (OPCC).

Next Item Travel back in time to 1966 and enter the mind of a 12-year-old with the quirky cartoon "Lost in Space"

Next Item Learn more about "the perfect pet" (guinea pigs) at Dan & Brenda's House of Piggies! [NO LONGER BEING UPDATED]

Next Item Need help designing your web page? Try this link for reference info from an HTML class I taught a few years ago. [NO LONGER BEING UPDATED]

Next Item While it is true that I am cool, God is much cooler. Check out the Fredericksburg Church of Christ Home Page for more info on Dan's congregation of choice!

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