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What the heck is "Lost in Space"?

An fun-to-read 3-volume set, the 1966-67 "Lost in Space" saga is a creation from the mind of a bored 12-year-old growing up in a small, midwestern 'Leave it to Beaver' town in the days before video games were invented. A time when the space program was in its infancy, when Superman ruled, and Martians were very real to us.

"Lost in Space" is the brainchild of my brother, Don Austin and one of his friends. Like many of our childhood memories, these books had become lost in the shuffle of life. Eventually, they passed along to me (Dan Austin). Being the packrat that I am, I saved these masterpieces along with tons of other stuff. I always enjoyed looking through them and would pull them out every now and then to re-read the quirky stories that my brother had dreamed up. Several years ago, Don mentioned these books to me and I told him that I had them buried away somewhere. Don was excited to get them back and they have been in the hands of their creator again for several years now. Of course, now I would rarely ever get the chance to read those cool comics again (being 8 hours from my brother), until I thought..."Hey what about putting them on a website?" This website is the fulfillment of that vision. I hope you enjoy reading (and re-reading) them as much as I always have...

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"Lost in Space" Volume 1:

Page 1: 55kb
The front cover - the cast
Page 2: 63kb
Noonyeg makes a discovery
Page 3: 75kb
Noonyeg and the Professor chase the alien spaceship
Page 4: 63kb
The Planet of the "Peeping Toms"
Page 5: 70kb
The minister is captured by monsters
Page 6: 79kb
Noonyeg saves Mabel from certain death
Page 7: 80kb
The stranded crew sets up camp
Page 8: 60kb
A giant spider creeps in the night...
Page 9: 67kb
An unwelcome visitor interrupts the food gathering
Page 10: 85kb
Noonyeg breaks into "Cyclops Laboratories"
Page 11: 64kb
Noonyeg destroys a giant fly
Page 12: 66kb
Mabel is saved from a deadly prison of glass
Page 13: 70kb
Giant pincher bugs attack Noonyeg and Mabel
Page 14: 70kb
Noonyeg and Mabel narrowly escape the pincher bugs
Page 15: 64kb
A horde of monsters invades the camp
Page 16: 71kb
The back cover - advertisements

"Lost in Space" Volume 2:

Page 1: 57kb
The front cover - the cast
Page 2: 89kb
Noonyeg's atomic capsule saves the day
Page 3: 74kb
The crew takes shelter in a cave
Page 4: 70kb
Noonyeg and Mabel get married
Page 5: 68kb
Noonyeg and Mabel take the children for a walk
Page 6: 69kb
The dissolving monster attacks
Page 7: 71kb
Noonyeg is rewarded by the Martian King
Page 8: 65kb
With their new ship, Earth grows closer
Page 9: 74kb
A crash landing on Earth
Page 10: 73kb
The crew prepares a raft
Page 11: 64kb
The crew arrives back home
Page 12: 63kb
The crew in honored
Page 13: 70kb
Noonyeg is trapped in a fiery room
Page 14: 63kb
Mabel saves Noonyeg
Page 15: 70kb
Bledy, Wayne and Claud head into space
Page 16: 66kb
The back cover - advertisements

"Lost in Space" Volume 3:

Page 1: 64kb
The front cover - the cast
Page 2: 66kb
The crew enters the alien solar system
Page 3: 61kb
Meeting with the Martian King
Page 4: 59kb
The Glop attacks
Page 5: 67kb
Time for the secret weapon
Page 6: 68kb
The Glop is destroyed
Page 7: 61kb
Our heroes return to Earth
Page 8: 59kb
The Martian King meets the President
Page 9: 64kb
The Adventures of Super Slob
Page 10: 67kb
Lois asks Claud to the parade
Page 11: 62kb
Super Slob douses the parade with paint
Page 12: 70kb
Super Slob is called to the Slob Cave
Page 13: 61kb
The slobs pour garbage on the parade
Page 14: 57kb
The slobs work on the trash machine
Page 15: 60kb
An eternal supply of trash
Page 16: 61kb
The back cover - advertisements

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